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Winstanley Shield

History of the Ian Winstanley Memorial Shield

The Ian Winstanley Memorial Shield Competition is held in memory of a talented Toowoomba footballer who died as a result of injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident. The shield was instigated by his team mates and Willowburn Soccer Club in 1962 in his memory.

Ian David (Dickie) Winstanley was only twenty when he died.  It was expected that the well liked ex-Rockville Primary and Toowoomba State High school student, who was continuously a part of the junior and senior representative teams, would eventually gain recognition through his talent to become part of the Australian national team.

By Age 16, Ian was participating in the senior division competition.  By 17 he was Captain of the U18 Toowoomba Team and at 18 he was Captain of the U21 Toowomba team.

Ian Winstanley was also talented enough to gain selection in the state team that played against New South Wales.

The Highlight of Ian’s young promising career was in receiving the Stanley Prasser Memorial Trophy, presented by the Willowburn Soccer Club for being the best and fairest player of 1960.

This recognition of a great player was a sure start towards a professional career that could have easily incorporated a place in the Socceroos Soccer Team.

Unfortunately his life and career was cut drastically short and the loss of such a wonderful person and talented footballer can not be truly relayed in words.

Thus the annual Winstanley Shield is a small way to remember this great player of his time.

Previous Winners

YearWinnerRunner UpFinal Score
2012 Willowburn USQ 5-1 
2011 Willowburn Rockville Rovers 1-0 
2010 not contested   
2009 South Toowoomba Hawks   
2008 not contested   
2007 West Wanderers   
2006 South Toowoomba Hawks   
2005 not contested   
2004 not contested   
2003 not contested   
2002 not contested   
2001 not contested   
2000 not contested   
1999 not contested   
1998 USQ Willowburn  
1997 USQ Willowburn 3-2 
1996 not contested   
1995 not contested   
1994 West Wanderers   
1993 Dalby USQ  
1992 Willowburn   
1991 Rockville Rovers   
1990 West Wanderers   
1989 West Wanderers   
1988 Willowburn   
1987 St Albans   
1986 DDIAE   
1985 West Wanderers   
1984 St Albans   
1983 West Wanderers   
1982 West Wanderers   
1981 West Wanderers   
1980 West Wanderers   
1979 Rangers   
1978 West Wanderers   
1977 Willowburn   
1976 Rangers   
1975 Rangers   
1974 Rockville Rovers   
1973 Rockville Rovers   
1972 Willowburn   
1971 Rockville Rovers   
1970 Queensland Ag College   
1969 not contested   
1968 Willowburn   
1967 Willowburn   
1966 Willowburn   
1965 Willowburn   
1964 Tattersall Rovers   
1963 Willowburn   
1962 Willowburn   
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